World Fantasy Convention

A warm welcome to our new members who have just learned about Fantasy World Convention: join the community today to meet the like-minded people who share their ideas on light and dark fantasy art, literature and movies.

What Happens in World Fantasy Convention?

Annual Gathering

Our events take place during the Halloween season to keep the spirits of our fantasies higher.

World Fantasy Awards

A three-day-long convention hosts several events that award our members for their contribution and participation.


We are an old community that has been traditionally conducting the World Fantasy Convention for over 40 years.

About Us

World Fantasy Convention is hosted by a community of artists and dreamers who gather around every year to celebrate arts and literature. It is a grand festival for our community members who take part in several events and win rewards. We are a closed community that likes to share our ideas with only the people who become members before the date of the event. Book your tickets in advance to attend our annual World Fantasy Convention.

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