Fantasy Novels That You Need to Read

The world of fantasy literature is an important one that has contributed talented writers and books that should never be missed. As the number of writers increases, the number of books also increases, and you will have a lot to choose from. But if you are to read the best from the lot, you require a specific list of books that define the top category. So to get it all going, here are the top fantasy novels that you need to read.

The Steel Remains (Richard Morgan)

The name Richard Morgan says it all, and you can go ahead to read books that carry his name. But if we had to pick one from his collection, then “The Steel Remains” grabs the show, and people who have read it will surely understand. As Morgan forays into literature, you will come across a writer who crafts stories that seek your interest, and “The Steel Remains” does so with ease. The different ideas and aspects that it launches will keep you engaged, and the only way to find out is to read it.

Mordant’s Need (Stephen R. Donaldson)

Donaldson’s range of writing has always welcomed different aspects into the picture and managed to keep people engaged. “Mordant’s Need” is no different, and by reading it, you will begin to appreciate the diverse nature of his work. While it may not be for all, it is undoubtedly an essential read that captures your imagination and helps you excel through the same. So once you’re done with ‘The Steel Remains”, you need to check out this masterpiece and acknowledge all that it stands to depict.

The Earthsea Cycle (Ursula K. LeGuin)

If you’re an avid reader, you might have read this classic and understood why it is a part of the list. But if you’re not, it is never too late to get started, and “The Earthsea Cycle” manages to provide the right path. By helping you enter a different world, Ursula K. LeGuin tries to talk to you with “The Earthsea Cycle,” and you need to keep reading to know more. While her trilogy series and other critical works have all set standards of their own, “The Earthsea Cycle” is a different breed, and you need to find out why.

The Bag-Lag Series (China Miéville)

The Bag-Lag Series (China Miéville)

China Miéville needs no introduction, and “The Bag-Less” series stands to be an example of his popularity. The novel’s fantasy path is an important one that places things forward and helps people look into a whole different world. With influences from politics and other critical aspects, “The Bag-Lag” paints a beautiful picture, and you will love all that it puts forward. Thanks to all that, “The Bag-Lag” series is another one that needs to be a part of your list.