Top Awards for Fantasy Literature

Awards are given to the most deserving one from the list, and with literature, things tend to become all the more interesting. As books and novels talk about a wide range of aspects, you are bound to make it all count with awards that tend to make sense. But what are these awards, and which are the top awards for works of literature? Well, if you have been looking for such answers, then we are here to provide them for you.

The Hugo Awards

The Hugo Awards or the Hugos is one among the most prestigious awards given to deserving pieces of literature, namely fantasy and science fiction. Named after Hugo Gernsback, the award has always been placed on top and is considered a defining prize for those who have shown immense talent in ways that matter the most. Started in 1953, the Hugos are organized by the World Science Fiction Society, and nominations usually start in January, and winners are announced in August.

The British Fantasy Awards

Started in 1972, the British Fantasy Awards is another famous one that has managed to change things for the better. The prestigious award is the only longstanding one outside the US, and it is still going strong. Although it includes the name British in the title, nominations can come in from any part of the world, with the only requirement being the fact that it needs to be in English. As a result, they go about considering literature, film/TV shows, artwork, and so on.

The Nebula Awards

The British Fantasy Awards

By looking into science fiction and fantasy works, The Nebula Awards takes a step forward to name the ones that deserve this credible recognition. Being one of the most famous awards in the United States, The Nebula Awards was started in 1966 and is actively organized by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). As a result, it is the members of this organization that votes for the winner and elects the most deserving one.

The Locus Awards

As the name suggests, The Locus Awards is organized and presented by Locus Magazine, and it moves ahead to consider fantasy, science fiction, horror works, and so on. Like the rest of the awards, The Locus Awards has also been around for a long time, and it was started in 1971. Among the top categories that it puts forward, the “best novel” is an important one and gets split into three other categories, i.e., fantasy, horror, and science fiction.


Be it The Hugos or The Locus Awards, they all have a role to play, and it effectively manages to do so. Thanks to this form of encouragement, people will want to publish more and help the world to view their talent.