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The attending registration for WFC 2015 is now closed. We have reached our membership cap. However, we are building a waiting list for memberships as past experience has shown us that there are likely to be cancellations (with refunds). This opens up opportunities to fit in others who would like to attend. Persons on the list will be contacted directly (using the email address entered here) and asked to pay the membership rate with 15 days. If payment is not received, another person on the list will be contacted.

The convention uses Google Forms to capture the waiting list details. Follow this link to complete the waiting list process:

           WFC 2015 Waiting List Form           



$50 (Supporting)
A SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP is $50 US (international rates will automatically be converted at the current exchange rate via PayPal), which entitles you to all convention publications and the right to submit nominations for the World Fantasy Awards during the nomination period for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Please note that SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIPS cannot be converted to ATTENDING MEMBERSHIPS if the membership cap is reached.

An alternative method of payment is by mail. You can send a cheque or money order payable to LASTSFA (drawn on an US bank and in US funds only, please) to:
41st World Fantasy
P.O. Box 809
Schenectady, NY

Once you have made your payment via the PayPal button above, please also remember to complete and submit your details on a registration form for our files.


Now that you've paid, you must complete your registration form. The convention uses Google Forms to capture registration details. Follow this link to complete the registration process:

           WFC 2015 Supporting Registration Form           



If you change your address or any other details after completing the waiting list form, please make sure that you send an e-mail to waitinglist@wfc2015.org.

There will be no one-day or at-the-door memberships.

There will be No Professional Press Accreditation during the convention unless previously confirmed.

REFUNDS & TRANSFER POLICY (revised February 2, 2015)

The Convention will not allow the transfer of memberships. The Convention will refund the membership fee to any member who decides that they will not be able to attend until October 22, 2015. An attending membership can also be converted to a supporting membership with the difference refunded. Supporting members who wish to convert to attending must use the waitlist form above. Identification will be required to claim badge and membership material at the convention.

The convention also reserves the right to refuse or refund memberships for whatever reason it deems necessary.

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