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Saratoga Springs transportation is easy and convenient! Whether you're coming from across the country for a meeting in Saratoga, or just want to get across town, your travel options include everything from international airline flights to downtown Saratoga Springs pedi-cabs!

By Rail:

         Saratoga Train Station
         26 Station Lane
         Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
         Call 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245)
         Amtrak for Saratoga Springs

Amtrak provides a comfortable, convenient and economic way for travelers from all over the country to visit Saratoga Springs. You can find out details by calling 1-800-USA Rail (872-7245) or by visiting www.amtrak.com.

Photo © Marci Revette

By Air:
Albany International Airport is a major air center for the Capital Region, Northeastern New York and Western New England. Modern facility with a business center, restaurants, great shops and one-of-a-kind items from nearly 40 area museums! You can contact Albany International Airport at (518) 242-2200 or service providers as follows:
Air Canada: 888 247-2262
American Eagle: 800 433-7300
Continental Connection: 800 525-0280
Continental Express: 800 525-0280
Delta Airlines 800: 221-1212
Northwest Airlines  
                Domestic: 800 225-2525
                International: 800 447-4747
Southwest Airlines: 800 435-9792
United Airlines: 800 241-6522
Cargo Domestic: 800 825-3788
Cargo International: 800 621-5647
Small Package Dispatch: 800 722-5243
US Airways: 800 428-4322
US Airways Express: 800 428-4322

Photo © Kurtman518

Or you can discover what is available at
     Saratoga County Airport
     (518) 885-5470
     (800) 359-7912.

This is a county owned, public-use airport three miles southwest of Saratoga Springs

By Bus:
Bus Service is readily available and reliable.
      Greyhound: 22 State St, Schenectady, NY — (518) 346-6113
      Trailways: 153 Broad St., Saratoga Springs NY — (800) 858-8555
      Upstate Tours: 207 Geyser Rd, Saratoga Springs, NY — (518) 584-5252
      Premiere Express Shuttle: 456 N. Pearl Street, Albany, NY — (518) 459-6123

By Car:
Saratoga Springs is located about 25 miles north of Albany, New York, about equidistant from Montreal, Boston, and New York City. Saratoga Springs is one mile from I-87, the Adirondack Northway, a beautiful scenic route between Montreal and New York City. Detailed driving directions are available at discoversaratoga.org/transportation

You can find more details at discoversaratoga.org/service-providers/transportation-and-tour-guides.

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