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Saratoga Springs is one of New York's oldest resort communities. Originally people came for the baths and mineral water. Now, two seasons of horse racing and the ambience of a small town with much preserved from the nineteenth century are among Saratoga's highlights.

The area is steeped in history. A turning-point battle in the American Revolution was fought nearby, and battles, forts, trails from the French and Indian War and the American Revolution surround Saratoga. The cottage where U.S. Grant wrote his memoirs and died is also nearby.

Museums celebrating racing, dance, and automobiles are found in Saratoga. Lyric Ballad Books, a world-class bookstore located in an old bank with its vault intact, is located blocks from the City Center. Many small shops and a wide variety of restaurants are within easy walking distance along Main Street.

Saratoga is home to the famed Yadoo Artist colony whose grounds are open for tours. Skidmore College is located just north of the City Center and New York State's Empire College is also located in Saratoga.

Saratoga Springs is a very walkable city. Much more detail is available through the Saratoga Convention and Visitors Bureau, 60 Railroad Place, Suite 100, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866; 518-584-1531, or browse www.discoversaratoga.org.

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