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Photo © Rick Lieder
Rick Lieder
Special Guest

Painter and photographer Rick Lieder's art has appeared on award-winning novels ranging from mysteries and science fiction, to books based on The X-Files TV series and Newbery Award-winning books for children. He was a finalist for the 1995 Best Artist World Fantasy Award and the Artist Guest of Honor at World Horror 2000.

His picture books are a collaboration with award-winning novelist and poet Helen Frost, published by Candlewick Press. Step Gently Out was published in 2012, Sweep Up the Sun in Spring 2015, Among A Thousand Fireflies will be published in 2016 and Wake Up! in 2017. His filmmaking will be featured on a PBS NOVA program Creatures of Light, produced by National Geographic Television.

A collaboration with Kathe Koja, The Prince of the Air, will be published by Spectral Press in 2016.

You can find out more by visiting dreampool.com.

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