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Photo © Liza Groen Trombi
Paul Di Filippo

A native Rhode Islander, Paul Di Filippo has lived in Lovecraft's burg, Providence, for forty years, along with his partner of that same duration, Deborah Newton. He attended the debut World Fantasy Convention at what was then a Holiday Inn not too far from the accursed churches of Federal Hill, as detailed in "The Haunter of the Dark." However, his very first convention was Torcon II in 1973, following which he became engaged with fandom and contributed to several zines, such as Terry Hughes's Mota. He sold his first story in 1977 to Unearth magazine, and shared that venue with several other unknowns, such as William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Craig Shaw Gardner and S.P. Somtow. Since then, he has sold over 200 stories, all but the newest collected in several volumes. His novels include A Mouthful of Tongues and Ciphers, two attempts at transgressive fiction published before that category was even named. His work has, at various times, been associated with cyberpunk, steampunk and New Weird movements. He has worked in comics as well, most notably with artist Jerry Ordway on Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct. In addition to his fiction writing, Di Filippo has been reviewing books professionally for some thirty years, amassing well over one million words of critical essays, some of which were compiled with Damien Broderick's matching entries in Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 19852010.

He has been nominated for several awards without winning any except for a trophy from the British Science Fiction Association for Best Short Story ("The Double Felix"), on which his name is misspelled. He and Deborah share their quarters with a chocolate-colored cocker spaniel named, with very little imagination, Brownie; and a calico cat named, with slightly more originality, Penny Century. Despite all actuarial statistics, he likes to imagine he is at the midpoint of his career.

You can find out more by visiting paul-di-filippo.com.

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